Authentic Tea Ceremony Experience

Experience an authentic tea ceremony, and receive friendly guidance on the garden, tea room

Center of Kyoto City
Authentic Tea Ceremony Experience
¥26,500 ~

You can experience authentic tea ceremony in just 2 hours. Designed for beginners, you'll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a traditional tea room, handle genuine tea utensils, receive detailed explanations about tea preparation, the garden, and the tea room setup, and then join in the tea ceremony yourself. You can also witness rare items like exquisite raku ware tea bowls and hanging scrolls while learning about them.

The welcoming guidance makes it easy for anyone to participate in the world of traditional tea culture. For your tea experience, You can choose between participating in a traditional tea ceremony in an authentic tea room with time-honored rituals or enjoying a more contemporary and comfortable setting with chairs.

They say

“The tea ceremony is a traditional Japanese culture in which the master prepares tea and serves to the guests. We will guide you into an authentic ceremony room valuing heart-to-heart communication.

We hope that you will experience the Japanese tradition directly and make good memories.”

Omote Senke school of tea ceremony
Belonging to the Omote Senke school of tea ceremony, Isshin-an holds classes and other activities at its tea room in Ayashiyama, Kyoto, while valuing encounters and interaction between people through the tea ceremony. Isshin-an offers a casual but authentic experience of the etiquette, aesthetics and sprituality of the tea ceremony, which Japanese people also feel self-conscious about experiencing it.

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