Stone Statue

Carve out the Greatest Smile with a Wonderlust Artisan

Nishiyama, Kyoto
Creating Stone sculptures ‘Omamori’
¥24,750 ~

Omamori means the artworks of stone sculptures created by Matsuzaki. They are mysterious stone sculptures which are not only to be appreciated, but also to be used as tools for daily life, and have various uses and expressions depending on who owns them. If you carve it yourself, it becomes like your partner who you can talk to. Omamori is not only a decoration or tool but also something which watches over you and protects you, and reminds you of a loved person who is always present in your heart.

A stone sculptor who loves surfing

Katsuyoshi Matsuzaki is a stone sculptor, who works with stone, a natural material which is not easy for humans to process, loves traveling and surfing, and has freely expanded his field of activity. Inside his workshop, surfboards and surf-related ornaments are displayed as much as his artwork. Matsuzaki also loves music.His wide range of interests and stories from his experiences make visitors also passionate about them. He has a workshop in the Nishiyama area of Kyoto, surrounded by lush greenery and bamboo forests.In this experience, you will work in the craftsperson's workshop, completely away from the hustle and bustle of the city, surrounded by nature and facing only stone.

Stone sculptures loved around the world

Alongside his work as a Buddhist statue craftsperson, he carved his own artworks. Later, he began to make only his own work and hold solo exhibitions and workshops abroad. Today, he holds exhibitions of his work not only in Japan but also in New York, Paris, Taiwan and China, and his works, which touch the heart, are loved by people all over the world.

He says

“By carving the stone, you start a new conversation with yourself. Please try talking about your thoughts and feelings while carving the stone statue. The stone statue will surely be your good partner.

Why don' t you try this experience?”

Katsumi Matsuzaki
He is a stone sculptor who has exhibited his artwork and held workshops not only in Japan but also in New York, Paris, China, Taiwan and other places all over the world. He has a studio in Oharano, Kyoto, where he creates his works surrounded by forests. He produces a varitety of stone sculptures that are close to people's heart.

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