Orin Chime

Harmonize with Sound of Exquisite Chime

Uji, Kyoto
Sahari Orin Casting Tour
¥64,000 ~

"LinNe" - an orin for everyday use.

Since ancient times, it has been believed that the sound of the Sahari has the power to drive away evil and purify the place. Today, the custom of believing in uncertain entities such as demons has faded. However, a new way of using an orin is becoming popular, in which the clear sound of the orin is used to dispel worries and thoughts, clear the space, and focus on something you want to concentrate on.

Nanjo studio has developed a new way of using the orin to make the sound of the orin more accessible and to propose new ways of using the orin. The "LinNe" series is a small orin made from the same materials and manufacturing method as the traditional orin. The LinNe Chibi, a miniature orin of the LinNe series, will be presented to you during this experience.

The sound that has been pursued over the 190 years of the history of Nanjo Studio.

The orin, a Buddhist instrument producing a clear and unclouded bell-like sound. Nanjo Studio is one of the few workshops in Japan specializing in the production of orin, gongs and other ritual instruments (e.g. musical gongs for the Japanese traditional festival or Japanese court music) used in shrines, temples and homes.

The tools are made from a type of bronze known as 'Sahari (Copper-based alloys of tin and lead)'. Sahari is a material that was used in the Shosoin treasures in ancient times. It was also known as 'echoing copper' because of the beautiful sound it produced when struck.

In order to maximize the sound quality of Sahari, Nanjo studio has developed its own unique blend of materials through study over the 190-year history of the company. Please listen to the actual sound

'A Fusion of Tradition and Originality'

The studio uses 'Yakigata (burnt-mold) casting,' a traditional wood-fired method to cast its own unique blend of Sahari. In Yakigata casting, handmade clay molds are placed in a kiln, fired over a wood fire, cooled down to an appropriate temperature and then filled with molten Sahari. The temperature and the timing of all the processes are determined by the experience and intuition of the craftspeople who carry out each step in the scorching heat. The reason for the long and painstaking preservation of the traditional method is that the traditional wood-fired Yakigata casting method is considered to be the most suitable for casting Sahari. The studio has a pride and belief in creating unique sounds that reach deep into people's hearts and minds.

They say

“Stone lanterns have been crearted since the introduction of Buddhism. The warm light of stone lanterns, with which people have prayed, have also healed the mind of people as a light of hope.

Why don’t you have such a light on your table, with your own ‘Table Lantern’ you make?”

Orin Crafters
Kazuya Nanjyo
Established over 190 years ago. The company specializes in the manufacture of orin (Japanese traditional instrument) and sounding ritual gongs (for example, gongs for Gion Festival or gongs for Gagaku (court musical) made with 'Sahari' (Copper-based alloys of tin and lead) which is made by a firing-mould casting method based on traditional techniques and wisdom. The sixth generation, Nanjo Kansaburo (Koji Nanjo) received the Governor's Commendation as a Kyoto Prefecture Traditional Industry Excellent Craftsperson, 'Kyoto Master Craftsperson' in 2008 and the seventh generation, Kazuya Nanjo was certified as Craftsperson of Kyo-mono (Kyoto products) designated by Kyoto Prefecture in 2011.

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