Japanese Sword

Embrace Essence of Swordsmithing for Sublime Beauty

Kameoka, Kyoto
Embrace the Essence of Japanese Swordsmithing
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Japanese Sword (KATANA) has been a reflection of the Japanese people's mindset as well as a weapon. It can be found in many shrines, and people have enshrined one when someone passes away or when a baby is born. They believe it safeguards their soul from malevolence. This is why smiths have developed techniques to make swords not only strong but also as beautiful as possible.

Swordsmithing cannot be learned from books or in a school. Smiths work alongside other smiths to learn by observing their techniques. Smiths accumulate a wealth of knowledge through their experiences. Their forging techniques, passed down from their elders, function in a manner very similar to modern steel processing techniques. They can determine the temperature of steel from its color and sense the temperature of water with their hands. Let's explore the magnificence of the forging techniques that people in the past have nurtured.

Create Your Own Masterpiece

In our courses, after learning about the history and cultural background from the smith, you can work on your blade, whether it's a real katana or a knife, under the guidance of the smith. Regardless of the course you choose, you can learn the entire process of Japanese sword making directly from the smith.

He says

“Japanese people have cherished Japanese swords, even after the advent of guns, when they became obsolete as weapons. These swords are beautiful, and people have believed that they house protective deities."

I would like many people to become acquainted with the enduring allure that Japanese people have felt for so long.”

Sword Smith
Yuya Nakanishi
Enchanted by the mystical beauty of Japanese swords, Masahiro began forging in 2005. While crafting Japanese swords on demand, Masahiro welcomes visitors from all over the world, offering them the opportunity to experience the sword-forging process. He hopes that through this experience, they can come to appreciate the cultural charm.

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