Shakumaru Chochin

Making Shakumaru Chochin

Center of Kyoto City
Making Shakumaru Chochin
¥54,000 ~

You will join an immersive Chochin crafting experience of ceiling-hanging Chochin with a 30cm diameter, where you'll get to participate in the entire lantern-making process, from assembling the bamboo frame to applying traditional Japanese paper and adding intricate characters or designs. The workshop offers you the opportunity to engage in every step of Chochin creation, making it a truly hands-on and memorable experience.

Making Shakumaru Chochin

The studio you visit is the maker of Iconic Kyoto Chochins including the one in front of Minami-sa theater. They also collaborate with prominent international brands.

Pursuing possibility for new tradition adopting time.

On the basis of traditional manufacturing method, Kojima shouten Inc. will creates new special scenery by our lantern and hand the precious tradition to next generation by seeking relationship among lantern and materials from nature, which is washi paper, bamboo and wheat glue.

He says

“Thank you for choosing the lantern making experience. The experience of seeing, touching and making the craft on your own is totally different from the experience of seeing and feeling.

We hope that you will feel the care and attention made by the craftspeople. We look forward to seeing you. ”

Chochin Studio
Kojima Shoten
Kojima Shouten Inc., begun its operation in the period of 1789-1801, Edo era , generates strong Kojima style Japanese lantern, which all process is done by handmade from splitting bamboo until, painting on lantern.

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