Experience of Buddhism Priest

You learn the proper etiquette for Buddhism priest and engage in meditation while striking the wooden fish.

Uji City, Kyoto
One-day Buddhism Experience
¥44,000 ~

You will visit a temple located in Fushimi, Kyoto, with a history spanning approximately 800 years. During the experience, under the direct guidance of the priest, you will learn about the daily mindset of monks and the etiquette of prostration (Gotai Touchi).

Additionally, after the prostration, you will have the opportunity to participate in a prayer experience while actually striking the wooden fish (mokugyo). We provide prayer beads that are used during the prostration, allowing you to choose your preferred set as a souvenir to take home after the experience. Following the experience, you will talk with the priest over a specially prepared tea, carefully chosen by the priest.

He says

“In world wih full of things and information, we belive that what is required of temples is to stabilize and satisfy the mind of people.

In this experience, we hope to spend time with you to explore what contentment and happiness mean to us from the perspective of Buddhist teachings, which preserve traditional Japanese values.”

Deputy head priest of Daikoji Temple
Monk Eisho
While serving as deputy head priest of the temple, he is also active in the youtube channel 'Shrines and Temples Online'. He broadcasts to spread the message of 'Buddhism as a culture' so that people who have not been familiar with Buddhism can become interested in it.

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