Bamboo Tea Tools

Craft Tea Tools Using the Remarkable Potential of Bamboo

Nishiyama, Kyoto
Bamboo Craft for Tea Ceremony
¥15,400 ~

You will craft bamboo tea tools under the guidance of a producer located in the western region of Kyoto, renowned for its bamboo production. During this experience, you will have the opportunity to create your own Chashaku (tea scoop), or Hanaire (ikebana container or flower vase) crafted from smoked bamboo. In the case of the Hanaire, you will personally select the materials and determine the angle that best showcases your chosen material as you create the vase. Both of these experiences involve the hands-on creation of exquisite works under the direct guidance of highly skilled craftspeople with extensive experience in bamboo harvesting and crafting.

About Bamboo

Takano Chikko takes care of bamboo groves in Nagaokakyo city in Kyoto, the area famous for high quality bamboo, and is devoting a great deal of time and effort to ensure the material that they use is in the best condition.

They say

“We have been continuing crafting various utencils for the tea ceremony, passing down handcraft techniques and materials through generations.

We would be delighted if those who experience crafting their own tea spoon or flower vase, learing traditional way from our skilled craftspeople, feel a deeper and more beautiful connection to the seasons and the beauty they bring to life.”

Bamboo Craft Studio
Takano ChikkoC
Takano Chikko manufactures its products at the workshop in Nagaokakyo City in Kyoto Prefecture, famous for the growth of quality bamboo. In the workshop, craftspeople with various skills such as woodworking joints, Japanese lacquer, maki-e, etc. make a wide variety of products, ranging from tea sets to articles of daily use. And they have been producing tea ware with the founder's wide connections to various temples allowing us to use material from buildings considered as national treasures and others that could be compared with those.

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